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Delicious Reverie

blog of developer & bookworm benjamin read

Thanks for popping round!

Delicious Reverie is a blog mostly about web development and JavaScript engineering. It's here I share talks I've given and articles I've had published. But it's my personal blog too, so you might find a few other things such as recipes, my musical interests and poetry reviews.

I don't get everything right, and I like to try to help my peers. Drop me a message if you'd like to say hi, if you're looking for some help, or if I got something wrong.

Recent posts:

2021 Review / 2022 Aims

2021 continued the trend of being more challenging than any period before it, in terms of maintaining some sort of normality to our lives. However there have been some really good things too. Here's a review of what I set out to achieve and what I want to achieve this year

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On digital estates

I recently heard the term 'Digital estate' to mean the technical property of an organisation. This, and the associations the term provides, have got me thinking about how we contribute to the success of organisations over time...

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6 reasons why we chose Nx as our monorepo management tool

Nx is a modular build framework for architecting and maintaining code projects. Using it means you configure once, then just focus on build your tools and apps. Nx can effectively manage the configuration around APIs, micro frontends and libraries of tools, so you don’t have to consciously think of this step each time it comes to building a new project. This is an article I wrote for the Purple Bricks tech blog on the subject.

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Why Astro matters

Next, Nuxt, Gatsby, SvelteKit ... there's been an explosion of frontend application frameworks lately. It's never been a more delightful experience to spin up a new project. What's the point of difference with this one? Why does it 'matter' so much?

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Lowest tech first

Should I use CSS or JavaScript to perform this task? If you're asking yourself this question, I have an answer for you: use the lowest technology available to you which can complete the task.

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