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Delicious Reverie is the personal blog of Benjamin Read, a web developer from just outside London, UK.

I called this site “Delicious Reverie” after an expression which occurs in Norman Denny’s English translation of Victor Hugo’s epic masterpiece Les Miserables.

After being reminded of one of his favourite books, a minor charachter, Monsieur Mabeuf, is said to slip “into a delicious reverie”, which means that he becomes absorbed in his thoughts and memories in a delightful state of meditation. is where I share my delicious reveries—Pieces of code, ideas and processes that I gather on my career, as well as some personal anecdotes and my love of classical, French, Russian, Chinese and English literature.

I hope you find something that inspires you.

“Wisest are they who know they do not know.” —Jostein Gaarder