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About Benjamin Read

This is hard to write. Identifying your own core skills is difficult.

To begin, let me say that I really love web development. It’s my hobby as well as my profession. Outside of work hours I’m often on Twitter, Slack channels or writing, actively discussing industry concerns. I’m on here writing blog posts. Or I’m investigating some new technique or technology that may be hopefully useful to my professional work.

But I do have a family, and when I’m not working they are my priority.


I started off wanting to be a writer and working as a graphic designer before I got really involved in the web. This background has helped me express my intentions more clearly and comprehend others’ assumptions more readily. I got involved in the web in earnest in about 2011, first of all working freelance and subsequently at a number of small - medium sized businesses.

Because of this I’m used to mucking in and doing whatever becomes necessary for the success of the project and the team.

Technical Experience


I enjoy functional programming. I have created UI libraries, built apps with connected API sources, and have connected to APIs and using a variety of code resources to build single-page web apps.

I am increasingly mindful of creating what I call ‘resilient’ apps, which use a combination of apis and other browser-native fallbacks. I do this to ensure my code is fast, performant and renders on the server as much as possible, in order to save client-side resources.

I’ve stayed away from mentioning specific technologies and frameworks, but you’ll see what I’ve been working with recently by following the link below:

> Posts about JavaScript


Even though I often use JSX and css-in-js to create my apps, I build upon the foundations of the Semantic web, using native elements and CSS properties to create apps that are intrinsic to the web, not just to JavaScript.

Accessibility and performance continue to be a chief concern of mine. I don’t think this will ever change.

> Posts about CSS > Posts about accessibility > Posts about performance

Core Skills

My MBTI personality type is “INFJ” , which means that I can be described as an advocate.

I advocate for those in my team who are less experienced, less able to have a voice, or feel they have less representation. I want to actively help them to grow by helping them to gain access to resources and situations that will help them exceed and achieve their potential.

I have a strong awareness of business objectives and will look for ways to optimise delivery where I find an opportunity to do so.

Writing blog posts and articles for print magazines, contributing to open source projects, and speaking at conferences are some other ways that I can add value to organisations by boosting their reputation. It’s something I’d do without the support of my employers, but it’s nice when I can talk about the work I do.


I want to continue work with my colleagues to create teams that enable and facilitate an environment in which it is safe to take risks, ask questions and fail. I believe this is the only way that teams can become more productive and diverse, and therefore excel in achieving business objectives instead of succumbing to toxic behaviour.

Along with that I want to work more heavily with organisation that solve real world problems people have. I’m especially keen to promote the open, accessible, free and international platform called the web. I want to work for the benefit of that community in any way I can.

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I’m also a Member of the Web Guild

“Wisest are they who know they do not know.” —Jostein Gaarder