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Using a moka pot on an induction hob

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This is a little trick that wasn’t on any of the articles I found using the old search engines. Although those articles did contain a lot of ads .. if you, y’know … like ads. So I’m posting it here. It’s about how you can use an aluminium coffee mocha on an induction hob.

I went to Southern Italy a few weeks ago. It was great, thank you for asking. We stayed with a local family so enjoyed the best of the area and the cuisine.

Our friends have one of those induction hobs, which I love by the way. They’re very easy to keep clean. They also have an moka pot, one of those little silver things that you see on gas stoves often.

Trouble is the pots are usually aluminium, which won’t work on induction hobs. Don’t get technical on me, I have no idea why.

It turns out what they’d done is put the moka pot inside a frying pan on the oven. Hah. Simple as that. The frying pan can transfer the heat, and the moka pot heats up beautifully.

So now you know. By the way, this could be a bad idea for some reason I haven’t thought of, so just to be clear: try this at your own risk!

How to make great coffee

Let me just share this with you because if you care enough about coffee to get a moka pot, you probably would like to know how my Italian friends made us cuppacinos every morning.

First thing to do is put the moka pot on. You can cheat a bit and add boiling water to the pot. It’s much faster but you have to mind you don’t burn your fingers when you screw the pot back together.

After putting the moka pot on, they heated up half a cup of milk. Then poured that into a french press and plunged the milk inside the press for around 30 seconds. This turned the milk into a lovely frothy texture.

Once the moka was done, they poured the coffee into a cup with 2 teaspoons of sugar and mixed it together vigorously until all the sugar was absorbed.

The final step was to pour the frothy milk into a cup then add the sugary coffee.

I’m sorry. You’re likely going to start resenting the £4 or more those places charge for coffee once you’ve tried this!

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