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Polymorphic Elements in Astro

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I’m building a component library in Astro, and one of the things I needed to do was to build a component that could render as either a button or an anchor tag. Here’s an example of the outcome I wanted to achieve:

 // renders an <a> tag
<Button href="https://some-link">This is an anchor tag</Button>
 // renders a <button> tag
<Button type="button">Submit</Button>

With Astro you’re writing the best parts of JSX there could be;  for example, there are no abstraction leaks like having to add `key`s to iterables. But also what you’re writing is very obviously much closer to HTML than JSX is, there not being a virtual DOM, or styled components, so this puzzled me for a while. I could either have 2 components and duplicate my styles, or find a way to render either depending on the use case.

Thankfully with some clever prop handling, we can have the best of both worlds:

// button.astro

const { href } = Astro.props

    href ? (
      <a href={href}><slot /></a>
    ) : (
        <slot />

With this code, the default output is a

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