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A congratulatory message with hidden meaning

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One of the objectives I set out to achieve at Webiny was to increase the positivity among members of our audience in the hopes that they would become more vocal participants of the community and join in a bit more with our discussions.

To achieve that I wanted to create messaging that would be shared primarily on the company newsletter to emphasize how much we valued our community members and to thank them for being there.

This is the artwork I came up with:

Superhero emoji with hand pointing towards the screen

I really liked how this turned out for a few reasons: it was a clear message and wasn’t too cluttered and it only too me a few minutes to put together. But I liked it for other reasons too.

Although the primary message in the emoji icons says “you” and “awesome”, the message is coming from us (ie. inside the screen), so in fact we are identifying ourselves as the “superhero” pointing out towards the audience. The subliminal message is that we are awesome because we’re enabling you.

Also by featuring the “Webiny” logo behind the superhero figure, we are further emphasizing that the power to be awesome comes from Webiny.

This artwork was sent out a few months ago as the last segment of our monthly email newsletter. I particularly wanted to feature it at the end of the newsletter as an unexpected twist and a pleasant surprise for anyone who got that far through the newsletter. I don’t know if anyone caught onto this messaging but that’s not the point; by continually sharing such positive thoughts, positivity towards Webiny will inevitably result, and the result of that is organic growth.  

I thoroughly enjoy making these little surprises that reward people that notice and make them feel valued.”

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