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I Built A Wordpress Bootstrap starter theme

I've been using the esteemed Rachel Baker's BootstrapWP theme for a while, but recently I decided to build my own Wordpress / Bootstrap starter theme. Here's why I took this step and what I plan to do with it in the future.

There's still an argument raging about whether or not web developers should use Bootstrap or Foundation as a UI starting point for their projects. I don't want to undermine the very valid and extremely important role of UX / UI design. We do want to avoid every site looking the same (current trends notwithstanding).

Once More Unto The Breach, Dear Friends ...

At the same time, I really think that Bootstrap, Foundation and the rest have raised the bar for good UI design significantly.

For example, where I work we do a lot of work for smaller clients who don't have the budget for a developer to work on a site for over a month, doing everything from scratch. To better serve this range of client, and to avoid going the route of using someone elses potentially un-semantic, bloated and non-extensible paid-for theme, we decided to construct a Wordpress Bootstrap starter theme.

This way, we can have more control over our code, we can keep more projects in-house, and still raise the standard of production for these smaller clients.

Crafting a Theme with Wordpress and Bootstrap

It's not the purpose of this post to list everything the theme contains. In fact, it's far from complete and as I use it on live projects in the coming months, I'll no doubt add functionality I find useful / desireable. But I have started off by adding the following:

You might see that I'm on a personal mission to end needless bloat as much as I reasonably can.

Other Nice Things

I've also added a sample wp-config.php file that allows you to add your local, development environment and live database information all in one, so you don't have to worry about overwriting the file when you commit a change or upload a batch of files.

There's a sample htaccess file too, adding support for svg files. I frequently encountered that this was turned off by default on the servers I've been working on. Because SVGs are so useful especially for logos, I've enabled this on Apache / NGIX servers using this code snippet.

The htaccess file also adds support for mod_deflate too, so gZipping can be enabled easily. This is something I found I was forgetting to do once a project was going live, so this helped me to streamline my processes.

What's not there

Template files are virtually non-existant in this theme, outside of the Wordpress standard pages index, page, post, front-page. I have included a template for a sitemap page.

More templates will follow when I have the time, possibly using the existing starter templates or when I've worked on a project that contains some particularly useful, challenging or interesting templates.


This project will be updated and maintained regularly. I'm particularly interested by the roadmap to Bootstrap 4, and can't wait to incorporate it here (although I personally might wait until 4.1 before I use it in production).

There you have it.

There you go, feel free to download this starter theme. If you notice any bugs, please report them via Github Issues, or just get in touch via Twitter.

Have fun!