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The Only Time I'll Talk About My Religious Beliefs

You may have noticed that I refer to myself as one of Jehovah's Witnesses occasionally. I don't think I've openly discussed this subject with any of you so far. However, I think that, out of curiosity, someone might like to know a little bit more. This post aims to tell you the only time I'll talk about my religion in my professional sphere.

It's no accident that there aren't any articles of a religious nature on this site, despite me being one of Jehovah's Witnesses. The main reason is that it very rarely affects my professional life. And it has never affected my relationships at work or in my professional community, at least not in a negative way ( I hope my colleagues will back me up on that! )

But some might be curious, and yet might not want to broach this subject with me personally.

In which case, this post is for you.

Respect Over Being Right

One thing I wanted to say is that I hope I'll always respect you, your choices and your opinions. Although I have deeply held beliefs, I don't believe they're right for everyone. Everyone has the freedom to choose what they want to believe. I am confident that, like me, you have reached the conclusions you have based on your own convictions, and on the evidence presented to you.

The good thing about being human is that none of us have a monopoly on the truth. I fully appreciate that I could be wrong. So could any of us.

Therefore, I believe it would be grossly disrespectful to force my beliefs on you or to perhaps embarrass you for what you hold dear.

If you think I am doing this, please challenge me on it. I'll listen, and I hope I'll make changes if I think they're necessary.

When I'll Talk

That being said, a robust conversation where we can explore each others' point of view whilst maintaining respect for each other would be welcome.

I would be happy to explain why I believe certain things, why I act a certain way, or decline to get involved in certain activities. But what I don't want is to upset, anger or frustrate anyone. So I might decline or duck out if I think the conversation could become led by emotions rather than an intellectual exercise of our respective viewpoints.

So, in short, the only time I'm going to talk about my religious beliefs is when I believe the discussion is going to end as it started: as a conversation between friends who respect each other's point of view.