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blog of developer & bookworm benjamin read

Send Your Blogs!

I was privileged to attended View Source London this year, and gained a lot once more by seeing talks by many members of the W3C and others. Lots of the talks had something really outstanding to share, but one in particular resonated with my desire to connect more with the developer community.

"Send me your Blogs"

Ana Rodrigues gave a lightning talk about how developer's personal blogs are a great way of picking up new ideas, but lamented that many people seem to be abandoning them in favour of Twitter, Medium or other hosted services. Ana hilighted that there is value in having your own blog because you're more in control, and it can be more personal to you.

She concluded with the request to "send me your blogs!"

There was a similar request from Sara Soueidan via Twitter. I was going to share it with you but it's either been deleted or the Twitter search algorithm isn't picking it up today. Sara's request was for blogs that had RSS feeds. That alone is an interesting idea...

RSS Is Back

I've recently adopted Sara's approach. I'm getting fed up of losing things because of Twitter's API, and want to encourage fellow developers to maintain their own little piece of the web where possible. So I opened a repo that will list all of the developer blogs I discover.

Please submit a PR to add yours.

My idea is to extend this so that I can show categories (for example, give a general idea of what these blogs talk about) and possibly even curating a website that collects articles together...

Send Your Blogs

Request for PRs on the awesome-developer-blogs repo is open! Send out your blogs!

Now all I need to do is add an RSS feed to my blog ... !