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Accessing Localhost in Parallels

I just obtained a licence for Parallels for my work computer, and it was a doddle to set up. I didn't realise before now that Parallels will also download and install Windows 10 for you as part of the installer. This was a smooth move. But, when I went to preview my site in IE11 ... nothing happened.

When you start a Node web server using it's HTTP interface you will by default run on a specific host that resolves to, your localhost. This isn't shared by your Windows OS although I don't know if there's a way to forward through to there from MacOS.

So typing in http://localhost:8000 was never going to work. After much googling I found this post on the Parallels forum that referenced Angular's cli tool an demonstrated that you could pass a flag to change the host IP.

I thought to myself that the Angular CLI probably uses the same common code (Node's HTTP interface) and tried that in my app:

gatsby serve --host=

This little trick mentioned in the forum means that the server will allow access on any port, not just on localhost. So now I had to find out what port Parallels would accept.

Following that thread down, I found this IP address mentioned by one of the Parallels developers: Aha, that worked.

So in future, if you're running a NodeJS server on their mac and wants to view the site on Windows using Parallels, first spin up your server with the --host= (that's four dots and four zeros) and visit the following address in the browser on Windows: // or whatever your port is.

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