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First Steps with Laravel

For a while now I've felt like I'm leaving Wordpress behind me. It's a great platform and I certainly wouldn't be a developer if Wordpress hadn't got me started along this route. However, comes a time when all of us must press on to things that help us to continue to grow; I don't feel that Wordpress is that tool. So I'm moving on to Laravel.

Some developers at my current place of work really love Laravel. Although our primary platform is Wordpress, these individuals looked at Laravel when building our in-house theme, Origin. They took key ideas from Laravel that they could implement in Wordpress, specifically it's object-oriented structure and command-line make tools.

Working with this theme got me really excited about PHP web development again. With their scripts I was able to speed up and streamline my development. But one comment made by senior developer Chris Geary has stuck in my head:

"Learning Laravel would make you a better Wordpress developer"

Taking this forward, I decided to learn Laravel, especially since Indigo Tree seem to be gaining traction, leading to the very real possibility of us taking on even more Laravel projects which would require my involvement.

Thoughts So Far

I signed into the company's Laracasts account and began watching. Very quickly it became clear how well thought-out Laravel is. It's not only the things I had already been exposed to, such as Artisan. Migrations, Seeds and other things that I've barely touched on at this stage, seem to make it so easy to develop, extend and maintain sites and apps.

I've determined to build a new site using Laravel this year if I can, so that I can solidify my understanding of the framework. Lets' hope I can stick to that!

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